Prized Smuggler Astromech droid


Droid R4-W9
Obligation family j9-b8
Wanted by the Empire and Black market for the wealth of charts and courses he holds in his data banks.


Brawn 1 agility 1 intel 2 cunning 3 willpower 1 presence 1 Wound Threshold: 11 Strain Threshold 11
• No need to eat, sleep or breathe. • Inorganic. • Mechanical Being.

@Astronavigation 4
Computers 3
@Cool 1
Mechanics 2
@Pilot (spa e) 2
@Knowledge outer rim 2

Galactic mapper
Skilled jockey
Galactic mapper
Master star hopper
Technical aptitude

Equipment: Arc welder (Melee: Damage 3; Critical —; Range [Engaged]; Stun Damage; built-in repair tools (counts as tool kit);


Once owned by the smuggler Rinana, R4-W9 was manumitted (made free, with no master save himself) by his former master on her deathbed. He is well-known among the smugglers on and around Formos for his detailed knowledge of the Kessel Run — he can perform a comprehensive navigational analysis of the run.

R4 was offered a place in the groups crew aboard the Bucket of Bolt. His basic programming does not bind him as it binds other droids, and he has developed a bit of a sadistic bloodthirsty streak.


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