We Aim to Misbehave!

Don't get shot by the messenger

Don’t get shot by the messenger

The crew of the bucket of bolts took the protocol droid from the mining facility to Thakba the Hulls to verify the poor fiscal state of the facility. After some time for Thakba to go over the book he asked the group for a favor to deliver the droid to his old owner to allow Thakba to express his displeasure to Teemo himself and to demand some compensation.

Meanwhile Oskara go word from her sources about her sister being taken to Tatooine, she suspected under to request of her old employer Teemo. After heading out Oskara divulged her plans to get her sister back and make sure to keep Teemo from coming after them.

On Tatooine, Thweek Teemo’s spy master spotted Oskara and sent of of his street rat minions to plant a tracker on her and he reached out to a few local thugs so he could get a bigger cut of the 5,000 bounty on Oskara. After a failed attempt by the thugs the group got a member to talk and tell them there boss was out in the ally. It took almost not time for Oskara to sneak out and point blank stun Thweek and drag him into the bad to ‘talk’. Not only talking but agreeing to sneak Oskara into Teemo’s palace.

As Stek and Shysa approached the palace with the droid. Oskara was already in place after convincing Thweek and Teemo’s gladiators to uprise a sow chaos on his signal. Unfortunately Oskaras Wookie ally was returned and tortured into a mindless beast lost in wookie rage.
As the droid was presented it became ovious Oskara’s sister was one of Teemo’s slaves chained to his podium with a human women.

As the Hutt communicated via a halo pad wielded to the protocol droids hand, both got heated and Teemo pulled out a huge Hutt sized blaster and shot off the droids head. Thakba reviewed his true message as a plate popped of the droids chest showing a thermal detonator in its chest that was activated. Oskara fired an expert sniper shot from across the auditorium and not only shot a hole in the hutts considerable hide but disarmed him as well!

The group snapped into action like it was planned. The slaves tore of into the warehouse armed, the Gamorian guards fled the threat of the thermal detonator, Stek was nuts in pulling the detonator out of the droid and actually into the hutts would temporally getting his sand stuck in the wound while Shysa shot the slave girls chains and he urged them to run following in close behind. Ratrex the trandoshan brother of the one Oskara and her previous allied killed was in waiting but fled himself from the detonator risking to jump into the arena to flee to his ship only to fall in breaking his leg severely to fall right into the hazed vision of the raging wookie, confidant in his disintegrator rifle he retrieved it and fired only to see it shorted out as the wookie pounced.

The group tore out of the room as a wet explosion spead Teemo’s terror and mass all over the room. Shysa went right to work slicing file off Teemo’s private servers and followed through in delivering to Thweek copies of the files.

Once back to Themo he was ecstatic over the death of his long rival and successful return of his now favoritest pilot Stek! He payed up giving the group about $300,000 in emperial, Hutt and Black market credits as well as two interesting devices.

Now the group wait pondering what to do with there good fortune and funds along with the fates of the Rodian slicer and ships mascot, Oskara’s sister, The Human slave women Dewska, R5 and the ever developing droid in the machine room Shysa is crafting.

{Plus 11 Exp since we wrapped up Teemo and Thakbas angles bring the groups Total to 31 Exp}



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