We Aim to Misbehave!

Between a Rock and a hard place

The Crew of the B.O.B took the salvage assessors to the hidden pirate transport. After spending time clearing off mynocks, enacting field repairs and work on the engines and computer as well as installing the Hyper-drive igniter. The group did encounter an Imperial patrol ship that was going to pass but its commander insisted on sending in a storm trooper unit to scan the BoB and the freighter and check in person for anything suspicious. After performing a sensor sweep and reviewing the salvage assessors documents and legitimate claim downloaded onto the ships servers. Stek shared the BoB’s amenities with the troopers garnering some good will and open gratitude, accompanied with an incite of the troopers distaste for their no officer. IT-3PO was the IsoTech droid who actually performed the negotiations and was still distasteful for being forced to be deactivated by the BoB’s Mechanic. the Group managed to get the ship up and after Stek scrapped it out of the asteroid the group headed off the The wheel to turn the salvage to Reom, Oskaras cousin.

After the exchange Reom told the group he has another great opportunity but they’ll have to wait a week as Reom and IT-3PO had other business meeting to see to…



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