We Aim to Misbehave!

And so it Begins...

This adventure is set on the planet Formos, a backwater world in the outer rim the planet itself is not a particularly noticeable but stands at a junction between two busy hyperspace routes. The Padol Sleheyron runs coreward into nearby Hutt space while the Triellus Trade routes provide access to both spinward and trailing regions of the Outer rim. Furthermore Formos is directly linked to the mining world of Kessel via a narrow corridor of navigable space called the Kessel run. As a result, Formos has become a notorious haven for all manner of smugglers, spacers, and scum.
Trouble brewing Seeking there missing crew mater, Oskara the Twi’lek bounty hunter. The crew set off to the location in her last message the plant Formos. Seeking answers and a belated reuniting the crew have locked down their ship at the spaceport and are traveling to the only place to get a decent drink and time with an infochant. Has Oskara found her missing sister or the Aqualish thug said to have taken her off her home world…
As soon as they set foot on the planet, They were instantly struck by the stale and parched atmosphere of Formos.
The air is breathable, but desiccated despite the cool climate. Most species begin to feel thirsty shortly after landing on the planet and those used to life on humid worlds soon feel dehydrated and uncomfortable. You notice that species with an aquatic heritage, such as aqualish, mon calamari, and herglic, are notably absent from those who make a home here.
Thankfully water sellers are a common sight patrolling the streets and docks, though the prices they advertise would be considered extortionate on most worlds.
Making Planet side the Crew mingled with the local population, Eshka used old Bothan customs with a Bothan Water merchant inquiring information but instead caught the merchant’s grandson they to steal from the group yet scoring a great deal for water while they are at port.
Shysa, stumbled into a pile of refuse that turned out to be a brutally mangled and destroyed J-9 unit (A variant 3PO made by cybot Galactica). Who while selflessly pleading for help for it companion the droid J9-B8, told of how it was attacked by who he suspected was Brandin Dobah’s men and they took his companion R4-W9, Who Stek instantly recognized R4-W9 as prized freelance astromech navigator among local smugglers due to his knowledge of the Kessel run and numerous secret course plottings. Unable to do anything for J9 he powered down for the last time…
While the smuggler and Tech worked with the Droid, Eshka’s fine Bothan senses noticed a tail they picked up at the spaceport docks and using the others as bait snuck around to attack the tail. Upon capturing the Rodian who was following them The Runt wet himself at the Bothans ‘Subtle treats’ and told everything he knew, his name is Vweebo Ganko thinking the group to be the smugglers he contacted to secretly sell some of his employers stolen good that he had left ‘off the books’. While contemplating their options and the fate of the crewmate the group plus one headed to the cantina.
As they entered the lobby of the cantina, The three companions and the Rodian enjoyed the cantina’s self-contained atmosphere. The air conditioning alone was almost as refreshing as the beverages served. The cantina was clearly the popular spot for locals to mix, though it wasn’t so crowded as to make it impossible for to get seats in a discreet second floor. All manner of humanoids rubbed shoulders at the bar. A flickering holoscreen displayed the rotating heads of various bounties. Prominently a tough-looking adult male Aqualish, with scrolling text advertising an Imperial bounty of 10,000 for kill or capture of the Aqualish pirate Brandin Dobah by Moruth Doole, Imperial administrator of the spice mines of Kessel.
While plotting the warehouse job An elegant Rodian girl headed directly to the bar and orders herself food & drink while asking questions. She drew appreciative glances from those in the crowd who notice attractive Rodian women.
She wore a loose blouse of green satin with polished brass accessories and while she seems unarmed, he’d purse was conveniently shaped so as to possably conceal a hold out blaster.
Moments after the Rodian entered the bar three smugglers saunter through the airlock doors. Two are human the third is a weequay. All three though looking customers swaggering with arrogance. Causing a general hush to fall over the cantina, even Fia Mund the musician hit a few sour notes and had to take a break.
After the Weequay showed the Rodian women obviously unwanted advances and the groups new ‘Inventory expert’ Vweebo frightnely confirmed those we his employers enforcers, a shot ran out, a shot glass that his that struck the Weequay and started a quick but very deadly exchange of weapon swings and finishing blaster bolts that left the croud silent, until the Rodian Vweebo declaired “That’s My CREW!” and the Rodian women Crew interrogated the scum. Apperently the Rodian women Zukata Netakka was looking for her brother who was here hunting Brandin Dobah, the thugs only mocked her until the Bucket of bolts crew ended with a lethal punch line of there own.
Using Tactics and Guile the Crew lured the smugglers from their warehouse with a false distress call to the cantina that lead them right into Shysa’a airlock trap killing them by pumping out the atmosphere in the cantina’s rigged airlock entrance with his Slicing.
The crew used Vweebos secret way in and out of the warehouse to get the drop on the remaining guards and began looking for suitable ‘cargo’ while the smuggler Stek went to what passed for a main office finding R4-W9, who was delighted and overjoyed at having the restraining bolt removed and with being reunited with J9-B8.
In all after a few extra trips, the last cut short by reinforcement’s coming to the warehouse the group netted two crates of weapon targeting chips that Vweebo promised as well as one case of collectible Corellian glasses, one of twi’lek sex dolls and two crates of various droid chassis parts.
On one of the trips the Slussian grabbed the ruined remains of J9-B8 as well, Stowing the gains and preparing to look for their friend Oskara closer to the lair of the Aqualish pirate Brandin Dobah. Shysa made sure to turn of the excited R4 who was discussing plotted courses with Stek before he learned of J9’s demise.
Not sure with what to do with either of them the Crew allowed Vweebo and Zukata on the ‘Bucket of Bolts’ the groups YT-1300…



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