We Aim to Misbehave!

A Favor for a Hutt…

A Favor for a Hutt…
Having landed on Gavos, The Crew boarded the Oridelve Incorporated mining facility. Early on there were signs of blaster fire followed by some bodies. Upon getting through the facility Shysa accessed the facility and systems learning the following:
Security cameras- access footage of two of the four cameras showing no movement, the other two are inoperative (being destroyed);
24 previous footage/recorded: – from a camera overlooking landing pad A a small spherical scout droid enters a storm IV cloud card and taking off. He leaves about 20 minutes before your ship arrives.
From a camera overlooking Landing pad B can watch a small freighter setting down three hours before their arrival. A Sullustan exits the freighter and meets a spindly EV supervisor droid. The two walk inside the ship. At this point the recording ends…
- Via a camera in the reception area (5) the PCS watch a Trandoshan running through the room roughly an hour before the groups arrival. Due to the angle you can’t see what’s chasing him then theres a flash of blaster fire.
- The recording from the camera at the mining entrance (15) shows a group of workers entering the mines about two hours before the arrival of the PCS. However this recording ends abruptly as well.
Mine profitability
profitability has been gradually decreasing for some time. While they can produce oridium for the foreseeable future, the projections do not look as possible as anticipated. In order to raise the 100,00 the mines coffers would be heavily depleted.
Mine employees- list of employees and droids
Storm Barrier generator status- computer only, gives locations and a mechanic can tell their unrepairable.
Can the droids be controlled via computer- no however it can deactive any restraining bolts currently active with a daunting <pppp> computers.
History of droid repairs- most maintenance is sorely overdue and been made with a motley assortment of spare parts from numerous manufactures and the mines single astromech droid doing most of the repairs
Site schematics-rough map of the complex but nothing on the mines
Other info- an electronic sabacc game and popular music library.


In the company safe the group took the companies operating capital of 165,000.
In the Cargo room the group found a droid hiding, R2-B7, who when found reacted angrily rolling towards them and squealing in binary. When spoken to in Binary he calmed down and explained the situation.
A klaxon repeated the dire warning:
“The howling of the wind can be heard through the bowel of the tunnels with the pummelling force creating micro fracters across the station, letting in the stink of ammonia and methane,
“Warning! Warning! Storm barrier Generator Six compromised. Functioning units compensating effectively. Send maintance as soon as possable. Warning! Warning!”
The crew returned to the ship to deal with the treat to the Storm barrier Generator’s. R2 and R4 becoming fast friends as the crew secured the ship and dealt with the Cloud car/droid destroying the Storm barrier Generator’s. The group tasked R2 with constructing a new one to replace the damaged ones.
In the center of the Mine entrance was a group ten droids. You can made out an EV supervisor droid, six battle droids who were carrying crates and a pair of PK worker droids. A binary load lifter shuffles about, pushing heavy crates of cargo into a makeshift wall. “
FX-769 the EV supervisor droid First asked them who they are? What business they have at the mines?
“Our facility was hit by pirates, arriving in the freighter parked on pad B. They were mostly Aqualish thugs, though there was a mean looking Gamorrean and Sullustn who tricked us into letting them in. they killed most of the miner, although they did not bother with us. Unfortunately” he gestures to the droids” myself and my fellows are not much good in a fight”
Pirates are In the mines are hunting the retreating miners
“I’m afraid I’m no combat droid, my manual appendages can barely grip a blaster and my programing certainly does not cover tactics and military maneuvers. Even our B1 purchases” he indicates the battle droids ”have the combat sub-routines removed. The miners use them for cheap manual labor. Neither we nor the organic employees are allowed weapons according to company policy”
In the mines the Crew hear a different story from the miners that are dug in “we received a call from Rica who was still in the main building she only spoke for a few seconds before being cut off. But she claimed the droids all went crazy, had armed themselves and were firing on miner with that there was blaster shots and just static.”
The bounty hunters silently eliminated the megalomaniacal FX-769 the EV supervisor droid, in the middle of one of his pro droid tirades. While the battle droids delayed the group, Stek barreled through the barracad and battle droids before crashing into the wall and the vehicle is struck by the binary load lifter droid.
R2-B7 was fleeing with FX-769’s head unit in tow by magnetic cable to the Cargo room.
R4-W9 is unreachable, so is the Vweebo on the Bucket of Bolts, the bulkhead from the workshop to the cargo room and lift is sealed and their seems to been a blinking from the Storm barrier Generator R2-B7 was building for Shysa…
And the Favor’s keeps coming…



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