We Aim to Misbehave!

Between a Rock and a hard place

The Crew of the B.O.B took the salvage assessors to the hidden pirate transport. After spending time clearing off mynocks, enacting field repairs and work on the engines and computer as well as installing the Hyper-drive igniter. The group did encounter an Imperial patrol ship that was going to pass but its commander insisted on sending in a storm trooper unit to scan the BoB and the freighter and check in person for anything suspicious. After performing a sensor sweep and reviewing the salvage assessors documents and legitimate claim downloaded onto the ships servers. Stek shared the BoB’s amenities with the troopers garnering some good will and open gratitude, accompanied with an incite of the troopers distaste for their no officer. IT-3PO was the IsoTech droid who actually performed the negotiations and was still distasteful for being forced to be deactivated by the BoB’s Mechanic. the Group managed to get the ship up and after Stek scrapped it out of the asteroid the group headed off the The wheel to turn the salvage to Reom, Oskaras cousin.

After the exchange Reom told the group he has another great opportunity but they’ll have to wait a week as Reom and IT-3PO had other business meeting to see to…

Don't get shot by the messenger

Don’t get shot by the messenger

The crew of the bucket of bolts took the protocol droid from the mining facility to Thakba the Hulls to verify the poor fiscal state of the facility. After some time for Thakba to go over the book he asked the group for a favor to deliver the droid to his old owner to allow Thakba to express his displeasure to Teemo himself and to demand some compensation.

Meanwhile Oskara go word from her sources about her sister being taken to Tatooine, she suspected under to request of her old employer Teemo. After heading out Oskara divulged her plans to get her sister back and make sure to keep Teemo from coming after them.

On Tatooine, Thweek Teemo’s spy master spotted Oskara and sent of of his street rat minions to plant a tracker on her and he reached out to a few local thugs so he could get a bigger cut of the 5,000 bounty on Oskara. After a failed attempt by the thugs the group got a member to talk and tell them there boss was out in the ally. It took almost not time for Oskara to sneak out and point blank stun Thweek and drag him into the bad to ‘talk’. Not only talking but agreeing to sneak Oskara into Teemo’s palace.

As Stek and Shysa approached the palace with the droid. Oskara was already in place after convincing Thweek and Teemo’s gladiators to uprise a sow chaos on his signal. Unfortunately Oskaras Wookie ally was returned and tortured into a mindless beast lost in wookie rage.
As the droid was presented it became ovious Oskara’s sister was one of Teemo’s slaves chained to his podium with a human women.

As the Hutt communicated via a halo pad wielded to the protocol droids hand, both got heated and Teemo pulled out a huge Hutt sized blaster and shot off the droids head. Thakba reviewed his true message as a plate popped of the droids chest showing a thermal detonator in its chest that was activated. Oskara fired an expert sniper shot from across the auditorium and not only shot a hole in the hutts considerable hide but disarmed him as well!

The group snapped into action like it was planned. The slaves tore of into the warehouse armed, the Gamorian guards fled the threat of the thermal detonator, Stek was nuts in pulling the detonator out of the droid and actually into the hutts would temporally getting his sand stuck in the wound while Shysa shot the slave girls chains and he urged them to run following in close behind. Ratrex the trandoshan brother of the one Oskara and her previous allied killed was in waiting but fled himself from the detonator risking to jump into the arena to flee to his ship only to fall in breaking his leg severely to fall right into the hazed vision of the raging wookie, confidant in his disintegrator rifle he retrieved it and fired only to see it shorted out as the wookie pounced.

The group tore out of the room as a wet explosion spead Teemo’s terror and mass all over the room. Shysa went right to work slicing file off Teemo’s private servers and followed through in delivering to Thweek copies of the files.

Once back to Themo he was ecstatic over the death of his long rival and successful return of his now favoritest pilot Stek! He payed up giving the group about $300,000 in emperial, Hutt and Black market credits as well as two interesting devices.

Now the group wait pondering what to do with there good fortune and funds along with the fates of the Rodian slicer and ships mascot, Oskara’s sister, The Human slave women Dewska, R5 and the ever developing droid in the machine room Shysa is crafting.

{Plus 11 Exp since we wrapped up Teemo and Thakbas angles bring the groups Total to 31 Exp}

A Favor for a Hutt…

A Favor for a Hutt…
Having landed on Gavos, The Crew boarded the Oridelve Incorporated mining facility. Early on there were signs of blaster fire followed by some bodies. Upon getting through the facility Shysa accessed the facility and systems learning the following:
Security cameras- access footage of two of the four cameras showing no movement, the other two are inoperative (being destroyed);
24 previous footage/recorded: – from a camera overlooking landing pad A a small spherical scout droid enters a storm IV cloud card and taking off. He leaves about 20 minutes before your ship arrives.
From a camera overlooking Landing pad B can watch a small freighter setting down three hours before their arrival. A Sullustan exits the freighter and meets a spindly EV supervisor droid. The two walk inside the ship. At this point the recording ends…
- Via a camera in the reception area (5) the PCS watch a Trandoshan running through the room roughly an hour before the groups arrival. Due to the angle you can’t see what’s chasing him then theres a flash of blaster fire.
- The recording from the camera at the mining entrance (15) shows a group of workers entering the mines about two hours before the arrival of the PCS. However this recording ends abruptly as well.
Mine profitability
profitability has been gradually decreasing for some time. While they can produce oridium for the foreseeable future, the projections do not look as possible as anticipated. In order to raise the 100,00 the mines coffers would be heavily depleted.
Mine employees- list of employees and droids
Storm Barrier generator status- computer only, gives locations and a mechanic can tell their unrepairable.
Can the droids be controlled via computer- no however it can deactive any restraining bolts currently active with a daunting <pppp> computers.
History of droid repairs- most maintenance is sorely overdue and been made with a motley assortment of spare parts from numerous manufactures and the mines single astromech droid doing most of the repairs
Site schematics-rough map of the complex but nothing on the mines
Other info- an electronic sabacc game and popular music library.


In the company safe the group took the companies operating capital of 165,000.
In the Cargo room the group found a droid hiding, R2-B7, who when found reacted angrily rolling towards them and squealing in binary. When spoken to in Binary he calmed down and explained the situation.
A klaxon repeated the dire warning:
“The howling of the wind can be heard through the bowel of the tunnels with the pummelling force creating micro fracters across the station, letting in the stink of ammonia and methane,
“Warning! Warning! Storm barrier Generator Six compromised. Functioning units compensating effectively. Send maintance as soon as possable. Warning! Warning!”
The crew returned to the ship to deal with the treat to the Storm barrier Generator’s. R2 and R4 becoming fast friends as the crew secured the ship and dealt with the Cloud car/droid destroying the Storm barrier Generator’s. The group tasked R2 with constructing a new one to replace the damaged ones.
In the center of the Mine entrance was a group ten droids. You can made out an EV supervisor droid, six battle droids who were carrying crates and a pair of PK worker droids. A binary load lifter shuffles about, pushing heavy crates of cargo into a makeshift wall. “
FX-769 the EV supervisor droid First asked them who they are? What business they have at the mines?
“Our facility was hit by pirates, arriving in the freighter parked on pad B. They were mostly Aqualish thugs, though there was a mean looking Gamorrean and Sullustn who tricked us into letting them in. they killed most of the miner, although they did not bother with us. Unfortunately” he gestures to the droids” myself and my fellows are not much good in a fight”
Pirates are In the mines are hunting the retreating miners
“I’m afraid I’m no combat droid, my manual appendages can barely grip a blaster and my programing certainly does not cover tactics and military maneuvers. Even our B1 purchases” he indicates the battle droids ”have the combat sub-routines removed. The miners use them for cheap manual labor. Neither we nor the organic employees are allowed weapons according to company policy”
In the mines the Crew hear a different story from the miners that are dug in “we received a call from Rica who was still in the main building she only spoke for a few seconds before being cut off. But she claimed the droids all went crazy, had armed themselves and were firing on miner with that there was blaster shots and just static.”
The bounty hunters silently eliminated the megalomaniacal FX-769 the EV supervisor droid, in the middle of one of his pro droid tirades. While the battle droids delayed the group, Stek barreled through the barracad and battle droids before crashing into the wall and the vehicle is struck by the binary load lifter droid.
R2-B7 was fleeing with FX-769’s head unit in tow by magnetic cable to the Cargo room.
R4-W9 is unreachable, so is the Vweebo on the Bucket of Bolts, the bulkhead from the workshop to the cargo room and lift is sealed and their seems to been a blinking from the Storm barrier Generator R2-B7 was building for Shysa…
And the Favor’s keeps coming…

The Pirates lair

“I seem to be having some difficulty with these Imps regarding turning in this bounty! Go on without me” was the Bothans last transmission. As the Twi’Lek was walking off the Ship she chartered to Formos and ran into the Crew of the Buckets of Bolts reuniting with the crew of ‘The Bucket of Bolts’ the powered down R4 an energetic and easiely impressed Rodian commenting about this being ‘his crew’ teenager and a elegant young Rodian women worried for her missing brother.
The journey from Formos to the asteroid field is only a short 20 hour hyperspace trip, and for the most part it was completely routine and uneventful.
R4-W9 is able to assist Stek in safety dropping out of hyperspace within a short distance of an asteroid field. From there, the ships navigational computer, together with some assistance from R4-W9 easily located the position of a large, slowly drifting asteroid. The droid identifies this rock as the most likely location of Bandin Dobah’s hideout.
This asteroid was riddled with caverns left by massive space slugs. There seem to be many entrances to the asteroid’s interior with scans showing a number of large caverns have been gnawed out of the rock.
Shysa in the Computer easily discovered the following things:
-life forms can be detected in two of the caverns (one way a flock of Mynocks, the other the Pirates)
-large metallic objects giving energy readout are detected in two of the caverns, and these are likely spacecraft (one a small single person craft heavily damaged and belonging to the Rodian bounty hunter, the other was the pirates hidden base on ‘the Vagrant’ a YV-666 medium freighter)
-a smaller metallic object can be detected in orbit around the astroid and turned out to be or sentry droid. There also was another heat spot on the surface, turning out to be a Space fighter on standby.
Stek Waited for the droid be on the opposite side of the asteroid then rushed into the tunnel network to avoid the sentry dinging the B.O.B a tad on the way in but avoiding the Droid sensors.
Thankfully the tunnels made by giant space slugs but have been abandoned for many years, the smooth cavern walls however were still covered in a slick of stringy ichor and lumps of black excreta. At junctions in the tunnel network, the Buckets of Bolts flew through dangling sticky stalagmites of corrosive goo while making its way through the tunnels. In fact on curtain of goo alerted the crew to a threat of a flock of Mynocks attracted to the ships energy. Stek took evasive actions while Oskara manned the cannon, shooting at the space vermin finally vaporizing one and driving the rest off as Stek punched the engines to get clear of the other roosting pests.
Upon arriving at one of the spots where a metallic object was sensed, Shysa went EVA and found a heavily corroded single passenger space fighter, most likely from the suspended goo. After an accidental grenade detonation (non-lethal, helium grenades, the like of which are used to remove Mynocks) Shysa took what valuables he could find as well as removing a “Vital” part of the engine (later revealed to be the Rodian equivalent to a dashboard hula girl ornate).
The crew continued the search, the tunnels almost running into a small pressure curtain in one the caverns, creating a comfortable atmosphere around a YV-666 medium freighter. Large power cables ran out of the cargo bay ramp to the caverns pressure curtain generator and a pair of arc lights illuminating the area.
The team moved their ship back and parked a safe distance away with a plan forming. Oskara covered Shysa as he sliced the Pressure curtain to make it power down briefly spacing the area and open cargo area for only a few brief but violent seconds while Oskara was prepared to shoot anyone coming out able to resist their force, hoping her sister would not be put in danger by this move it worked flawlessly spacing three of the pirates outright and tossing a few metric tons of cargo across the cavern and down the tunnels. The crew closed up with Oskara and the three boarded the ship the Bounty hunter and smuggler covering Shysa as he sliced the ships computer locking the main lift on their level and getting a general idea of the floor plans. As they looked about life sensors showed life forms coming down the engineering access hatch to the rear of the ship. Taking up positions. The Smuggler remembering the Rodian Zukata’s brother might not be a prisoner here called out to him as a Rodian and large battle marked Aqualish came out first, at the mention of the Rodians sisters name he instantly followed orders diving out of the line of fire. As simultaneously an amazingly well placed stun blast dropped the Aqualish but the Slussi’s slicing caused the door to slice shut regardless of safety protocols cutting off the third beings arm before he could pass the portal. His screams mingling with the shouts of another being. The group quickly restrained the pair in the cargo hold and then playing peek a boo stunned and restrained the other pair as they shouted off a warning to who knows who over the comms. Securing the ship and checking for more valuable ‘salvage’ the captives were locked aboard the Bucket of Bolts. As the crew spent time ‘salvaging’ ‘the Vagrant’s’ AutoChief and the Medium laser cannon for ‘The Bucket of Bolts’ after discovering its hyperdrive was down having only a emergency drive.
In all the group found a few cases of glitterstim spice (after igniting one with its tamper proof device), a case of blaster magazines (only about 30 still good the rest corroded or damaged), some credits and out dated charts in the captians quarters (and a small biting furry reptile ‘pet’ that scampered off).
Godon Netakka’s sister was very verbal and physically abusive to her sibling for his apparent throwing in with the pirates after his craft was stranded and damaged here after the pirated destroyed his light speed sled. He was promised if he joined their sice a share of the smuggling spoils, he now knows the true weight of his family’s disapproval and had the meekly beg to ruturn with the group in the hyperdrive jump.
The group returned to drop off all the tag alongs with warm departures and promises of returning the favor in the future. After having their Bothan comrade rejoin them they decided the Hutts reward for Bandin Dobah was less ‘paper work’ then the Imperials after Eshka’s experience.
R4 charted a relaxing course to Sleheyron and Thakba the hutt, making sure to get information about her sister Oskara interrogating Bandin with the help of the now rather sadistic R4 who inflicted far more permanent damage on the aqualsih the Oskara. Learning the mname of the Flesh peddler who name has her sister the trail seems cold at the moment but Zukata promised to keep an ear open for him.
On Sleheyron, Sket made contact with Thakba the hutt at his palatial mansion, which lied just a short distance from the planets largest Spaceport they were received by his porcine Gamorrean guards and served a selection of fine drinks and treats by his demonic looking Devorian major-domo. After a short while they are invited to discuss matters with Thakba, a particularly bulbous and slimy green Hutt. He spoke in rumbling and gargling Huttese which is aptly translated by his personal 3PO protocol droid.
Thakba posted the bounty on Bandin as a public relations exercise as he deals in spice and wants to retain his good standing with the smuggling community around the Kessel Run. As such he does all he could to accommodate the crew and was more then happy to buy any glitterstim they recovered no questions asked at a better then fair price, but Sket told him the fair market value was more then suffecent with the promise of a favor and good will in the future.
The Hutt was over joyed and showered them with good humored superlatives (along with plenty of spittle), He gladly paid them their 5000 up front. Furthermore insisted they joined him to watch the Aqualish’s debut performance as a gladiatorial contestant in a nearby arena. Thakba allowed them to watch the show from his private skiff where a handful of other guests bed on the outcome. The first round he beat a slender blue twi’lek costing Sket 100 credits in a bet, but fell in the second round much to a now repainted and disguised R4 absolute delight to a tough looking Weequay who brutally broke him over its knee.
The group are now recovering and looking to see what these well gotten gains might get them…

And so it Begins...

This adventure is set on the planet Formos, a backwater world in the outer rim the planet itself is not a particularly noticeable but stands at a junction between two busy hyperspace routes. The Padol Sleheyron runs coreward into nearby Hutt space while the Triellus Trade routes provide access to both spinward and trailing regions of the Outer rim. Furthermore Formos is directly linked to the mining world of Kessel via a narrow corridor of navigable space called the Kessel run. As a result, Formos has become a notorious haven for all manner of smugglers, spacers, and scum.
Trouble brewing Seeking there missing crew mater, Oskara the Twi’lek bounty hunter. The crew set off to the location in her last message the plant Formos. Seeking answers and a belated reuniting the crew have locked down their ship at the spaceport and are traveling to the only place to get a decent drink and time with an infochant. Has Oskara found her missing sister or the Aqualish thug said to have taken her off her home world…
As soon as they set foot on the planet, They were instantly struck by the stale and parched atmosphere of Formos.
The air is breathable, but desiccated despite the cool climate. Most species begin to feel thirsty shortly after landing on the planet and those used to life on humid worlds soon feel dehydrated and uncomfortable. You notice that species with an aquatic heritage, such as aqualish, mon calamari, and herglic, are notably absent from those who make a home here.
Thankfully water sellers are a common sight patrolling the streets and docks, though the prices they advertise would be considered extortionate on most worlds.
Making Planet side the Crew mingled with the local population, Eshka used old Bothan customs with a Bothan Water merchant inquiring information but instead caught the merchant’s grandson they to steal from the group yet scoring a great deal for water while they are at port.
Shysa, stumbled into a pile of refuse that turned out to be a brutally mangled and destroyed J-9 unit (A variant 3PO made by cybot Galactica). Who while selflessly pleading for help for it companion the droid J9-B8, told of how it was attacked by who he suspected was Brandin Dobah’s men and they took his companion R4-W9, Who Stek instantly recognized R4-W9 as prized freelance astromech navigator among local smugglers due to his knowledge of the Kessel run and numerous secret course plottings. Unable to do anything for J9 he powered down for the last time…
While the smuggler and Tech worked with the Droid, Eshka’s fine Bothan senses noticed a tail they picked up at the spaceport docks and using the others as bait snuck around to attack the tail. Upon capturing the Rodian who was following them The Runt wet himself at the Bothans ‘Subtle treats’ and told everything he knew, his name is Vweebo Ganko thinking the group to be the smugglers he contacted to secretly sell some of his employers stolen good that he had left ‘off the books’. While contemplating their options and the fate of the crewmate the group plus one headed to the cantina.
As they entered the lobby of the cantina, The three companions and the Rodian enjoyed the cantina’s self-contained atmosphere. The air conditioning alone was almost as refreshing as the beverages served. The cantina was clearly the popular spot for locals to mix, though it wasn’t so crowded as to make it impossible for to get seats in a discreet second floor. All manner of humanoids rubbed shoulders at the bar. A flickering holoscreen displayed the rotating heads of various bounties. Prominently a tough-looking adult male Aqualish, with scrolling text advertising an Imperial bounty of 10,000 for kill or capture of the Aqualish pirate Brandin Dobah by Moruth Doole, Imperial administrator of the spice mines of Kessel.
While plotting the warehouse job An elegant Rodian girl headed directly to the bar and orders herself food & drink while asking questions. She drew appreciative glances from those in the crowd who notice attractive Rodian women.
She wore a loose blouse of green satin with polished brass accessories and while she seems unarmed, he’d purse was conveniently shaped so as to possably conceal a hold out blaster.
Moments after the Rodian entered the bar three smugglers saunter through the airlock doors. Two are human the third is a weequay. All three though looking customers swaggering with arrogance. Causing a general hush to fall over the cantina, even Fia Mund the musician hit a few sour notes and had to take a break.
After the Weequay showed the Rodian women obviously unwanted advances and the groups new ‘Inventory expert’ Vweebo frightnely confirmed those we his employers enforcers, a shot ran out, a shot glass that his that struck the Weequay and started a quick but very deadly exchange of weapon swings and finishing blaster bolts that left the croud silent, until the Rodian Vweebo declaired “That’s My CREW!” and the Rodian women Crew interrogated the scum. Apperently the Rodian women Zukata Netakka was looking for her brother who was here hunting Brandin Dobah, the thugs only mocked her until the Bucket of bolts crew ended with a lethal punch line of there own.
Using Tactics and Guile the Crew lured the smugglers from their warehouse with a false distress call to the cantina that lead them right into Shysa’a airlock trap killing them by pumping out the atmosphere in the cantina’s rigged airlock entrance with his Slicing.
The crew used Vweebos secret way in and out of the warehouse to get the drop on the remaining guards and began looking for suitable ‘cargo’ while the smuggler Stek went to what passed for a main office finding R4-W9, who was delighted and overjoyed at having the restraining bolt removed and with being reunited with J9-B8.
In all after a few extra trips, the last cut short by reinforcement’s coming to the warehouse the group netted two crates of weapon targeting chips that Vweebo promised as well as one case of collectible Corellian glasses, one of twi’lek sex dolls and two crates of various droid chassis parts.
On one of the trips the Slussian grabbed the ruined remains of J9-B8 as well, Stowing the gains and preparing to look for their friend Oskara closer to the lair of the Aqualish pirate Brandin Dobah. Shysa made sure to turn of the excited R4 who was discussing plotted courses with Stek before he learned of J9’s demise.
Not sure with what to do with either of them the Crew allowed Vweebo and Zukata on the ‘Bucket of Bolts’ the groups YT-1300…

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